Success Stories

Real Stories, Real People Transformed by Best Fit Nutrition

Success Stories

Real Stories, Real People Transformed by

Best Fit Nutrition

“I’ve added 10-15 years to my life!”

“I came to Joan to improve my health. I had NO energy, I looked horrible and my blood tests showed high inflammation (cardiac risk), borderline high glucose, very low Vitamin D & B. I was also overweight and no matter what I did I could not lose any of it. I eat a very limited variety of food so I knew this was going to be a challenge. It wasn’t a challenge for Joan, she worked with me within those foods, made me be conscious of what I eat and slowly expanded my food choices. Within 8 months I have lost 43lbs and I feel great! I have energy again, a much better outlook on life and I don’t have any cravings! My body is healing and all my blood work is now at perfect levels. My doctor is astounded with the results and has said I’ve added 10-15 years onto my life!! It doesn’t get much better than that!! I know I couldn’t have done this without Joan’s kind, compassionate and enthusiastic approach. It has changed my life and I am very grateful to her.”

6 incredible benefits over 6 short months

Top benefits of working with Joan McDevitt in the six months we’ve been working together:

1. I gave up artificial sweeteners. This is a huge deal. A self-confessed, lifelong sugar addict, I gave up sugar 25 years ago, and immediately switched to a dependency on aspartame, diet soda, and artificially sweetened desserts. I was sure I could never kick my shameful 50-packet-per-day habit, nor that I would even WANT to–but I did. Overnight.

2. I don’t get cravings or urges to overeat. As a matter of fact, while still enjoyable, eating has taken on less importance in my life, instead of ruling me. For someone who struggled for most of my life with the compulsion to eat too much and an addiction to anything sweet, this is huge. No compulsion, no bingeing. I can stop eating something before it’s finished. Never could do that, ever.

3. I’m working out every day, sleeping 8 hours a night, and sitting in restful silence each morning.  I attribute this to Joan’s quietly persistent reminders that stress is a huge factor in how the body metabolizes food and energy. But how did I become willing to actually DO what I’ve known for years would be “good for me?” The magical combination of Joan’s non-judgmental, of-course-you-want-this enthusiasm, her immense, almost uncanny understanding of my body, and a plan of eating that repairs what had been so damaged in my body and my mind.

4. My hair, skin, and nails are in great condition. People are shocked when I tell them my age. Need I say more?

5. I don’t care what the scale says. Bulges are disappearing, all but melting off my body. Clothes that used to fit tightly or uncomfortably now slide on easily, and I feel beautifully healthy at 5’3″ 160 pounds.

6. I have more energy, more optimism, more faith in a benign universe, more interest in sex, and a lot more joie de vivre. I found the gumption to leave a stifling job and go out on my own at age 61. How? Well, a lot of factors contributed to this sea change. But working with Joan gave me health and confidence, cleared my body and brain so I could really think about my life with my whole being. In a word, this work has changed my life. Who knew?

“Cholesterol and blood pressure: high to normal levels”

“I started seeing Joan about my diet a few years ago. I had high cholesterol and blood pressure and was 45 lbs overweight and tired all the time. She helped me see that making a few small changes can make a big difference and it did. I started sleeping better and when I went to my doctor my blood pressure was normal and so was my cholesterol! I was so happy! I have lost 17 lbs so far and I have energy again.”

“My mind is sharper and energy is great!”

“I came to Joan after suffering for years with little appetite, depressed and not sleeping well. Joan showed me what to eat, when and why. She taught me what to stay away from and how food can heal my body.  I never knew this before. After a few weeks, my mind is sharper and my energy is great! The whole purpose of coming to Joan was to learn how to eat. She saw the symptoms and knew how to correct my issues. I have lost 9lbs and this was an extra benefit for me. Thank you, Joan!”

Unlike any other diet

“When I heard that Joan was taking new clients I signed up but not really believing that I could lose the weight that I wanted and get my sleep back. I have been on many diets, Weight Watchers, Slim Fast and the like so I had an idea what to expect…I thought! I had no energy, thyroid issues, gallbladder removed and wanted to drop 20 lbs. Joan taught me the right way to eat for my body type and helped me finally understand what foods are good for me and which ones aren’t. She worked with me and now I feel so great!! My afternoon naps are all gone and I dropped 12lbs so far! My 7-year-old is very proud of me and so am I. I would definitely recommend Joan to anyone who wants to understand that food can heal us. Thanks, Joan!”

Chronic joint pain – vanished!

“I have been suffering from chronic joint pain for the past eight years. Over those years, I have been to countless doctors, rheumatologists, and infectious disease specialists, all with little to no success in alleviating my pain. Then I found Joan…

Joan’s holistic knowledge, combined with her kindness and perceptions to identify specific areas of concern (both mind and body) has greatly improved the quality of my life. After a few weeks of following the individualized treatment plan, developed after consultation with Joan, I started to feel like myself again; I was getting my life back again.

I was amazed at how great I was starting to feel. The chronic pain that I had suffered with for years had disappeared. And as if that wasn’t enough, I had also lost 11 pounds in just four weeks of proper nutrition and weekly visits with Joan. Not to mention the energy I now have.

Joan is a gifted specialist who is extremely adept in her field. I strongly recommend her if you are suffering from any kind of pain. By far, this is the best thing that I have ever done for me. Thank you, Joan!!!!!”

“I feel better, look better, sleep better, and my clothes fit better!”

“After years of keeping weight off successfully, suddenly nothing worked anymore. I was eating less and less—including no sugar and very little fat—but I was slowly gaining. I figured I had a “stuck” metabolism. Then a friend recommended Joan.

She must have x-ray vision because she knew everything about my inner workings just by asking what I eat, and how I felt. And she must be a magician because she coaxed me into making significant changes in my diet in a way I never thought possible. She must be a fairy godmother because she never took away anything without giving me something more wonderful in exchange.

Her bubbly enthusiasm and store of knowledge made the process completely painless, and I was willing to try all kinds of new things. After I began working with Joan, I felt better, looked better, slept better, and my clothes fit better—even before I started to lose pounds. I’m eating less, but I’m rarely hungry. And in a million years, I wouldn’t have thought I could give up diet soda and still be happy!

How does Joan do it? How did she persuade me to change eating habits that were so ingrained that I had given up all hope of ever changing, even if they were compromising my good health? She’s like a health cheerleader, a funny, wise encyclopedia of nutrition. And she’s got me thinking about the quality of my life in many areas besides food—now who would have thought I’d get THAT bonus from a nutrition counselor?”