Joan McDevitt – Certified Holistic Nutrition And Wellness Coach

Joan McDevitt

Certified Holistic Nutrition & Health and Wellness Specialist

My Journey

My health issues began early in life. I was born prematurely and with a slight hearing issue which led to a speech impediment and cognitive learning difficulties. When I was

9 years old, I began speech therapy and experienced that my speech began to heal itself when given the right tools, and a great teacher! As I experienced this, a deep curiosity sparked within me…even at this young age!

In my teen years, I developed IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and became sick enough to experience dizziness, nausea and sometimes passing out, yikes! Even though this was happening I still managed to stay active in tennis, basketball, field hockey, and cycling. My diet was not the greatest, filled with salt, cheese, bread, and red meat. I was what I call a ‘fat skinny person’. It may have seemed that I was slim on the outside but my overall health and well-being were pretty poor!

In college, I studied biology and forestry and started to understand that plants and herbs have amazing healing properties so I began to change my diet and slowly but surely noticed some of my own health issues beginning to subside. Inspired by the healing of my own body, when I moved to Boston I decided to devote myself to the full-time study of whole food nutrition and their healing powers.

I gradually discovered that if I fed my body with specific food for my body type, that food and herbs truly became my medicine! My IBS was healed, I became stronger, and my energy levels stabilized. Goodbye afternoon coma, nausea, and low energy.. hello new way to live! I am excited to help you get the health and wellness that YOU are looking for too!! I am proud mom of 3 wonderful, grown children, an avid cyclist and tennis player, gardener and of course love to cook! My husband Mike and I reside in the greater Metrowest area of Ma.

My Education

Certified Holistic Nutrition, Wellness Coach, Certified with the American Fitness Professional Association (NJ), Certified with Dr. Eric Berg Wellness Center in Holistic Nutrition (VA), Eden Valley Health Center, (CO) and University of Massachusetts, Amherst.