Meet Our Fantastic Team

Joan McDevitt

Founder & Owner – Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Joan is a graduate of the American fitness and professional association in New Jersey and Dr. Berg’s nutrition and wellness center in Virginia.

Over the past 30+ years, She has used her passion for research in the health and wellness field to discover different foods and supplements that help heal various ailments.  She will use her knowledge and experience to assist you in getting complete control of your health and teach you how to make food choices based on your individualized body type.

Molly Hoffman

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Molly is a certified health and wellness coach, integrative nutritionist, and registered yoga teacher. She completed her nutrition training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is currently in pursuit of her Master’s in clinical nutrition and Integrative Health. Molly is extremely passionate about nutrition, delicious food, fitness, and everything in between! Molly’s commitment to health began once she discovered that nutritious food not only made her feel fantastic, but it tasted delicious too! This realization was a game changer. Since then, she has made it her life’s purpose to help others tap into their greatest power – discover what specific foods and exercise make YOU feel healthy AND happy.

Molly’s philosophy around wellness is not about “dieting “or deprivation, it is, however, based on the idea of looking at food and exercise as a source of nourishment – not punishment; less self-doubt, and more self-love.  Molly believes that everyone is beautifully different and will, therefore, have their own unique path to health.

Molly is looking forward to helping you discover your healthiest AND happiest life.

Lisa Barnes

Certified Holistic and Wellness Coach

Lisa Barnes is a certified Health Coach, accredited by the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. Lisa realizes that good whole food is the lifeline to good health and that everyone has individual needs and treats them according. Having this knowledge brings a passion for her to share with clients so they may live to their fullest potential. Lisa will meet you where you are at to take the journey together for your optimal health. Life’s too short ~ take care of YOU today!


Office Administrator Extraordinaire

Ana has worked in the field and experiential marketing for 20 years, and has promoted natural supplements and foods specifically for 15 years. She joined Best Fit Nutrition in 2018 and loves being part of such a talented team. Enjoying family time with her 3 kids are her favorite things to do, along with reading, exercising and relaxing at the beach. Ana is a health-marketing expert with a passion for teaching others how to lead healthier lifestyles by choosing natural products. She has experience promoting numerous natural food, supplements, and skin care brands such as Ke Vita, Nordic Naturals, and Trilogy Products.

Her extensive marketing background has enabled her to learn more about her own health and positively influence others’ lives by empowering them to choose products that will have a lasting impact on their health.

Ana has three children and enjoys spending time with them outside, at the movies, and hiking. When Ana isn’t tending to her children, you can find her reading, exercising, focusing on whole foods that fuel her and her family, while still leaving room for the foods they enjoy!  Ana joined the Best Fit Nutrition team in 2018 and is the first face you will see upon entering the practice. She is always ready to supply you with the supplements you need and a smile to brighten your day. Ana is excited to continue empowering and leading others towards healthier lifestyles at Best Fit Nutrition.