In addition to the allergies that are common with many people, there are allergies and sensitivities that are common with people who have specific disease conditions.

If you have any of these conditions take note of what is a common sensitivity, and try eliminating it from your diet. See how you feel. Reducing the allergen does not have the same effect, because your body is still reacting in a defense mode to the present allergen. Try being inflammation free with these tips!

Gout: Avoid nightshade family vegetables

Migraines: Avoid wines, hard cheeses, chocolates, nitrites, and sulfites

Osteo-Arthritis: Avoid milk products

Asthma – Avoid nightshade family vegetables, wines, hard cheeses, chocolates, nitrites, sulfites, and milk products

Yeast Infections/Candida: Avoid yeast-containing products

Children often have a sensitivity to honey and bee products.

For more information, The Food Allergy Research, and Education website

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