Treating allergies with a pill can have unpleasant side effects. If there were a side effect free alternative that also gave you a huge boost of antioxidants would you try it?

one such alternative. This micronutrient binds directly to allergenic proteins and makes them hypoallergenic. Your body does not need to react, and no inflammation happens. While a serious allergic response needs immediate medical attention, Vitamin P is a healthy alternative for less serious concerns.

So which plant foods are highest in Vitamin P? Or should you just take a vitamin supplement? Taking an extract of a vitamin takes it away from all the other phytonutrients that work in concert with it to produce the desired effects. Whole food is always the best option when available and possible, and the best whole food sources of Vitamin P are pretty easy to find. Grapes, flax seeds, beans, berries, broccoli, apples and citrus all have it, but the most nutritional value per ounce comes from herbs with oregano coming in at one of the top positions. Marjoram, also in the oregano family, has even more. Adding a spring of fresh herbs to your dinner is an easy and delicious way to combat common allergens!

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